Black Patina


Transportation Information


Ground: (CFR 49)


Limited Quantities (CFR 49, 173.154)


Limited quantities of this product are exempted from labelling, and the requirement to use UN Performance Packagings if the inner packagings do not exceed 1 litre (0.3 gallon) and are packaged in strong outer packages. The total weight per package must not exceed 30 Kg (66 pounds).


Other Quantities (CFR 49, 173.202)


All quantities being shipped that do not meet the definition of limited quantities, must be shipped in UN Performance Packagings.



Air: (IATA, 42nd Edition)


Passenger Aircraft


This product may be shipped in combination packages by passenger aircraft when following IATA Packaging Instruction 808. Maximum container size is 1 litre, and 1 litre is allowed per package.


Cargo Aircraft Only


Combination Packagings:


Use IATA Packaging Instruction 812 which allows for 30 litres maximum per package, with inner packaging not to exceed 2.5 litres.


Single Packagings


The following UN Performance Packages are approved to carry a maximum of 30 litres. 1A1, 1H1, 3A1, and 3H1.


Marine: (IMDG, Amendment 30)


Limited Quantities: (Chapter 3.4)


Packages containing 0.5 litres or less are considered as limited quantities and are not subject to the UN Performance Packaging standard. As a limited quantity, the segregation requirements are waived, and the Stowage Category is A. Packages need not bear a marine pollutant label.


Other Quantities:


Use Packaging Instruction P001, which allows for many choices for containment.